Members, we desperately need more ornaments for this tree since less than 75 have been turned in to date. The theme for the
2017 Meals on Wheels fundraiser tree is
Wheels for Meals. We only have until the November meeting to complete all carvings
for the tree. Members have been very creative in supplying carvings for other projects, so I am sure we will all come up with
good ideas to create woodcarved ornaments for this tree.


A generous donor gave dust collectors to our club. They are being offered to club
members for a $25 donation to the club. Please contact me if you are interested.

NEW MEMBERS by Joann Luke

Peg Mueller
939 North 13th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Dennis Moore
1232 Arlington Avenue
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Bill Wirth
12522 North Center Drive
Mequon, WI 53092

SOCIAL MEDIA by Katie Anderson

Our facebook page is started, and I invite all members to Like our page and invite their friends to Like it as well.


I also created a Facebook group for the club. It’s a closed group but a great place for club members to interact, share pictures
of what they are working on, and ask questions or share expertise with group members. Anyone can join but I will leave it a
closed group so that only members of the group can post things.



The project planned for the Saturday, October 14, carve will be a carved pumpkin with applied background of raffia, corn
husks, and decorative items. A variety of decorative materials will be provided for members to use. If you have a project
started that you wish to work on, also feel free to join the group.


The Saturday Carve Committee (Darrell Abston, Sandy Doebert, Pam Moir, Betty Wilson) feels that after five years of
organizing the club projects for this event, it's time to step down and let others lead this monthly activity. It has worked well
to have many people participating, each doing a part of the setup work. Needed positions are:

>1 or more volunteers to cut out multiple wood blanks for projects.
>1 volunteer to be responsible for opening and closing the building and craft room each month.
>1 or more volunteers to carve the sample projects.
>Volunteers with ideas for monthly projects.

Please consider this opportunity in order to continue this fun club activity and contact me, Darrell, or Sandy to volunteer for
the Saturday Carve Committee. Thank you.


The 2017 Rural Arts Road Trip will be held on October 13 (9 am-5 pm), 14 (9 am-5 pm), and 15 (10 am-3 pm). Information
about the artists and sites is located online at
ruralartsroadtrip.com. You will be able to print out a map. Enjoy the fall colors
driving to the locations listed.


Each year a member is chosen to be designated as "Kettle Karver of the Year." The award is not given solely on carving ability,
but given to the person who makes a significant contribution to the club. The winner's name is added to the plaque and that
person keeps the plaque until the next election. Once again, slips will be passed out at the December meeting for members to
vote for another club member. This is not a normal ballot where you “pick one,” but your choice from all members. Give this
some thought and speak with fellow members about good candidates. Previous winners were Maureen Bruegger, Don Lorier,
and Neil Lorenz.


The September 6 meeting was called to order by President Jim Rooker at 6:38 pm. Visitors were Dennis Moore and Bill Wirth.
Jim reminded members to use their card to log into the building, selecting the Kettle Karvers meeting from the options on the
screen. If you do not have a card, you log in as a
Guest and select Kettle Karvers meeting.

Treasurer’s Report. Joann Luke reported income of $512.50 and no expenses. The family of John Schumann donated $500
to the club in his memory.

Library Report. Librarian Lori Jarosh reported the receipt of the latest editions of Woodcarving Illustrated, Chip Chats,  
Woodcarving England, and Wildfowl Carving. All magazines were tagged as part of our library and available for a 2-month
checkout. (FYI, the July/August 2017 issue of
Chip Chats has the article about our 2017 show).

Sunshine Report. Mary Nowacki sent cards of condolence to the Schumann family and Jelovnik family. She also sent a get well
card to Frank Lohr, who had surgery. As always, contact her if cards need to be sent.

Saturday Carve. The project for the September 16 carve is a tiki and will be led by Sandy Doebert. The October 14 Saturday
carve will be a pumpkin. All members are welcome to the Generations Craft Room at 9 am.

Meals on Wheels Tree Ornaments. Don Lorier asked all members to carve an ornament for this tree. Ornaments can be
turned in at the October and November meetings. Wood for this project is provided from the club supply at no charge.

Display Cabinets. Jim asked members to bring their work to fill up the two cabinets so that our work can be displayed for
those using the room every day.

2018 Artistry in Wood. Bob Wallace and Henry Meller will co-chair our next show. April 21 has been booked as the date of
the show, and paperwork will be completed this week with the Lakers Ice Center. Henry brought 400 of the small flyers for
members to use as handouts at other shows or to friends, etc. Bob Wallace mentioned that a featured carver must be named
and asked for suggestions. Demonstrations must also be set up. Members were told the best way to get the word out is
through social media. Members sharing show details on their Facebook page and asking their friends to spread the word is a
very good way to advertise the event. The purchase of additional signs was discussed, and Henry will check out some options.
It was suggested that we might be able to get free signs from Coke or Pepsi, whichever product is served at Lakers.

June-A-Palooza. Don Lorier carved two hedge hogs that earned $400 for Meals on Wheels at the June-A-Palooza. [Don has
been a contributor to this event for many years.]

Social Media. Katie Anderson volunteered to set up a Facebook page for the club. More information regarding this is above.

Gloves. Betty Wilson purchased gloves for both adult carves and the children's carve at our show and will keep them with
other club supplies.

Tools. Bob Lawrence brought a dremel with bits and some woodcarving tools from a former woodcarver friend that he was
offering for sale.

Game On. Generations has asked the club to participate in this event. This would just involve a few carvers being there and
showing what we do. This would be sometime next spring and there will be more information at future meetings.

Wood. Many shapes and sizes of carving wood were available for sale.

Show & Tell. New member, Peg Mueller, brought a multicolor fish. Don Lorier brought ornaments and a tiny spoon. Virginia
Temme carved a troll and gave him an orange shirt. Willie VanSluys mounted the black chickadees on pine with greens. Dave
Rowlands completed a large chip carving. Larry Lienau turned a bowl out of a maple burl and finished it with carnauba wax. Al
Herwig showed a diamond willow walking stick complete with a "diamond" on top. Photos of the Show & Tell items can be seen
on our Facebook page. The Show & Tell raffle winner was Al Herwig, and he took home a tool holder and the book
Burning with Sue Waters: Rural Scenes.

Raffle. The pointed divider was won by Dave Rowlands. The gouge and book Whittling Twigs and Branches by Chris
Lubkemann were won by Al Herwig.

Jim adjourned the meeting and Richard Young demonstrated how the palm guard can be used and allowed members to try it.


Email me with articles or photos to be included either in the newsletter or our website. Copies of all newsletters published since
January 2011 can be found on our website. Web pages of the online versions are available for the past year. If you ever have a
problem accessing past newsletters, please let me know.


Monday Morning Carving — Monday from 9 am-noon at the Senior Activity Center, 428 Wisconsin Ave., Sheboygan.
Check the complete center schedule at SheboyganSeniorCenter.com. Free for Friends members and $1.00 for guests
of members.

Tuesday Night Carving — held year-round from 6-9 pm at Plymouth High School, Room C111. All members and visitors
are welcome. Cost is $1.00.

Saturday Carve — held once/month (September through June) on the Saturday ten days following the monthly meeting in the
Generations Craft Room, 9 am-noon.


October 22, 2017: Capital Area Carvers of Wisconsin, Abundant Life Christian School, 4901 East Buckeye Road, Madison, WI;
9 am - 4 pm. For more information, go to
CapitalAreaCarversOfWisconsin.org or email faspich1@aol.com.

April 21, 2018: Kettle Karvers Artistry in Wood, Woodcarving and Wood Sculpture Show, Lakers Ice Center,
1202 South Wildwood Avenue, Sheboygan, WI; 10 am-4 pm.
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