Each year a member is chosen to be designated as "Kettle Karver of the Year." The award is not given solely on carving
ability, but given to the person who makes a significant contribution to the club. The winner's name is added to the plaque
and that person keeps the plaque until the next election. Once again, slips will be passed out at the December meeting for
members to vote for another club member. This is not a normal ballot where you choose from a list of candidates, but your
choice from all members. Give this some thought and speak with fellow members about good candidates. Previous winners
were Maureen Bruegger, Don Lorier, and Neil Lorenz.


Yearly dues of $10 is owed by the end of the year and will be collected at the December meeting. Pay dues at the meeting or
mail to 138 East Park Lane, Kohler, WI 53044.


If the Plymouth School District closes because of inclement weather, Generations will also close and our meeting for that date
will be canceled or postponed. If the President, in consultation with the Executive Board, makes a determination that it is
unwise to hold a meeting due to inclement conditions, the membership will be notified by email or phone.


A generous donor gave dust collectors to our club. They are being offered for a $25 donation to the club. Please contact me if
you are interested. Check out the September issue of our newsletter for photos.


The November 1st meeting was called to order by President Jim Rooker at 6:40 pm.  Jim reminded members to use their card
to log into the building, selecting the Kettle Karvers meeting from the options on the screen. If you do not have a card, you
log in as a
Guest and select Kettle Karvers meeting.

Allison Thompson, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels in Sheboygan, was visiting.

Treasurer’s Report. Joann Luke reported income of $306.06 and expenses of $102.29. She will be collecting dues of $10.

Library Report. Librarian Lori Jarosh reported the receipt of the latest editions of Woodcarving Illustrated and Wildfowl
. The book Loon and Chicks by Laurie McNeil was also added to the library. The magazines and book were tagged as
part of our library and are available for a 2-month checkout.

Sunshine Report. Mary Nowacki sent a card to Al Herwig on the passing of his wife. A card was also sent to Gene Mathes. It
was reported that Pam Moir, who had back surgery, is now recuperating at home and would appreciate cards or notes. As
always, contact her if cards need to be sent.

Saturday Carve. The project for November will be an ice skate ornament. All members are welcome to the Generations Craft
Room at 9 am. No one has volunteered to take over the Saturday carves.

Meals on Wheels Christmas Tree. The last of the ornaments were turned in, and the tree will be trimmed November 2 at
Caan's in Sheboygan. Don Lorier asked for volunteers to help trim the tree. Allison Thompson introduced herself and thanked
all of us for our donation of the woodcarved ornaments. She mentioned that the tree will be on display at Caan's until
December 10 at which time it will be awarded to the highest bidder. As a thank you, she brought delicious caramel apple bars
for members to enjoy.

Meals on Wheels has been in Sheboygan since 1970. They currently have 298 active clients and serve 60,000 meals per year.
Clients now have the option to select their meal from two options. Cost for meals are $6.15 for the one hot meal a day and
$9.20 for one hot and one cold per day.

2018 Artistry in Wood. Henry Meller, co-chair of our next show, asked if more of the small flyers were needed. Bob Wallace
asked for a check to make payment to Lakers Ice Center. The show is scheduled for April 21, 2018.

Gathering Place. On Monday, November 6, five members of the club will meet to give a presentation to participants at 2 pm.
Members include Sandy Doebert, Bob Lawrence, Larry Lienau, Jim Rooker, and Willie VanSluys.

December Election. A member has agreed to take the Board Member position and will be approved by membership at the
December meeting. Slips will be handed out for members to select the Kettle Karver of the Year.

Christmas Potluck. This members-only event will be held in conjunction with the December meeting. Meat and buns are
provided, and members are asked to bring a dish to share. You may participate in gift exchange (bring a gift, take a gift).
There will also be a 50/50 raffle. A signup sheet was available. Please make sure you sign up at the November meeting if you
have not already done so. You may also call Rosemary (894-3127) to sign up.

Demonstrations. If you have an idea for a demonstration, please contact Henry Meller.

Carving After Meetings. Betty Wilson spoke with Generations and we have been given the okay to hold carves in the Craft
Room after our meetings until 9 pm. This will be discussed further at our next meeting.

Banquet Signup. Our annual banquet is held in January at Wagon Wheel in Howards Grove. We will have the opportunity to
sign up and pay the $10 cost at next month's meeting. This event is for members and their guest.

Show & Tell. Twenty members participated in the Show & Tell. Members completing ornaments for the Meals on Wheels tree
were Gerald Bauer, Sandy Doebert, Al Herwig, Francis Larson, Bob Lawrence, Don Lorier, Alice Prahl, Jeff See, Betty Wilson,
and Dianna Witt. The Show & Tell raffle winner was Gary Emerich who took home a sanding cloth and the book
Carving Small
by Desiree Hajny.

Raffle. The skew was won by Roger Carlson. The 6-pc hook and pick set went to Phil Schils.

Jim adjourned the meeting.


Email me with articles or photos to be included either in the newsletter or our website. Copies of all newsletters published
since January 2011 can be found on our website. Web pages of the online versions are available for the past year. If you ever
have a problem accessing past newsletters, please let me know.


Monday Morning Carving — Monday from 9 am-noon at the Senior Activity Center, 428 Wisconsin Ave., Sheboygan.
Check the complete center schedule at Free for Friends members and $1.00 for guests
of members.

Tuesday Night Carving — held year-round from 6-9 pm at Plymouth High School, Room C111. All members and visitors
are welcome. Cost is $1.00.

Saturday Carve — held once/month (September through June) on the Saturday ten days following the monthly meeting
in the Generations Craft Room, 9 am-noon.


April 21, 2018: Kettle Karvers Artistry in Wood, Woodcarving and Wood Sculpture Show, Lakers Ice Center,
1202 South Wildwood Avenue, Sheboygan, WI; 10 am-4 pm.

April 29, 2018: Mid-Wisconsin Chippers Woodcarving Show, Competition, and Sale, Crystal Falls Banquet Facility,  
1500 Handschke Drive, New London, WI; 9 am-4 pm; go to
Volume 26  Issue 10
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Kettle Karvers
Serving Woodcarvers in East Central Wisconsin
Next meeting: December 6 at Generations in Plymouth, Wisconsin, 6:00 pm
Kettle Karvers Christmas Party
Before December Meeting
6:00 pm
Meat, buns, and coffee provided
Members should bring a dish to share
Optional Gift Exchange: Bring a wrapped carved gift, choose a gift
If you did not sign up, contact
Rosemary at or Alice at