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Kettle Karvers
Serving Woodcarvers in East Central Wisconsin
Who are the Kettle Karvers?
We are a group of people who enjoy various types of woodcarving. We range in skill from professional carvers to rank
beginners, so all who share an interest in this hobby are welcome. Some of our members also are experts in scroll work
and intarsia.

How long have we been around?
The first meeting of the woodcarvers' group was held on September 6, 1989. Twenty people attended the first meeting,
each paying $5 in dues. The first officers for the group were President Guy Schenk, Vice President Jerad Lehman
(replaced by Dennis Meyer in June), Treasurer Fred Leonard, and Secretary Marion Kimme. It was agreed the group
would meet at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of the month at Plymouth High School. Membership grew to 42 during the
first year. An interesting fact reported in early minutes was that "postage money" was collected at each meeting. Our
meetings were held at Plymouth High School until May of 2011 when meetings were moved to Generations.

At the second meeting on October 4, 1989 the proposed bylaws, nametags made by Ralph Nevling, and a membership
list were distributed. The executive board was chosen: Ambrose Mueller, Ray Rooker, and Gordon Sippel. The name
Kettle Karvers, submitted by Ray Rooker, was accepted by a majority voice vote. Ralph Nevling volunteered to make a
club plaque; the same plaque still used at our annual Artistry in Wood. The bylaws were accepted at the December 6,
1989 meeting. The library was started at the February 7, 1990 meeting with Ray Rooker serving as first librarian.

After several months of discussion, incorporation papers were submitted by Dick Whinfield. By September 5, 1990, the
incorporation papers were returned from the state with the name Kettle Karvers Klub Inc. We have been holding
meetings ever since. At the November 1, 1989 meeting, a committee was appointed to look into places and times for a
show (Fred Leonard and Ambrose Mueller). Our first show, Artistry in Wood, was held in May, 1991 at the Sheboygan
Falls Municipal Building. Annual shows were held there until 2014 when the building was repurposed. The 2015 show
relocated to the Lakers Ice Center in Sheboygan. Our 28th annual show will be held on April 21, 2018 at the Lakers Ice
Center in Sheboygan.

Charter Members.

What do we do?
Mostly we have fun.  Some of the activities that we do in the course of the year include a woodcarving show, carving for
charities, a summer picnic, and a winter banquet. We also have frequent Saturday carves where a group of us get
together to carve the same item. Every year in April, we hold our annual woodcarving show at the Lakers Ice Center in
Sheboygan. During the show, we hold a kids' carve where children are introduced to the woodcarving craft.

What is our focus?
The members feel that giving back is our major focus. The Kettle Karvers members have many opportunities during the
year to donate their works to charities. We have been actively supporting the Unity Music Festival since 2010 and have
raised thousands of dollars to benefit the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund. We have become involved with Meals
on Wheels of Sheboygan County, supporting their June-A-Palooza. In November, 2014, members carved over 300
ornaments and trimmed a tree that was auctioned off to benefit Meals on Wheels raising $20,000. We again trimmed a
tree benefiting Meals on Wheels in November, 2017. We also supported Festival of Trees for many years.

What are the dues and what are the benefits of being a member?
The dues are $10 per year. The benefits include use of our extensive carving library, availability of carving wood that is
sold at most meetings, and access to a power honer that may be checked out of the library. You also may attend
demonstrations or carves held after the monthly meeting. Many skilled woodcarvers are always willing to answer
questions about carving techniques.

How do you join?
The easiest way is to stop in during one of our monthly meetings at Generations and pay the treasurer the annual
dues.  Give your name, address, phone number, and email address. This gets you on the mailing list for our monthly

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William Gier
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Roy Hayner Sr.
Ray Horness
Thomas Johnstone
Marion Kimme
Norman Kimme
George Klein
Jerad Lehmann
Fred Leonard
Michael Lord
Doris Markwardt
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William Marotz
Dennis Meyer
Nitch Meyers
Ambrose Mueller
Ralph Nevling
James Peterson
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Jim Popp
James Powers
William Roltgen
Ray Rooker
Guy Schenk
Robert Schlehien
Richard Schuette
Paul Schultz
Charles Schwartz
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Robert Venne
W. G. Wandschneider
Richard Whinfield
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