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The 2014 February Saturday carve, held on February 8, was well attended and
everyone enjoyed the carving "challenge" and the socializing. Neil Lorenz supplied the
eggs and we picked from three different designs for our carving. In addition to Neil,
attendees included Darrell Abston, Gerald Bauer, Maureen Bruegger, Sandy Doebert,
Ron Feld, Francis and Judy Larson, Larry Lienau, Don Lorier, Joann Luke, Pam Moir,
Jean Mullen, Mary Nowacki, Willie Van Sluys, Betty Wilson, Dianna Witt, and Bob
The March Saturday carve, held March 8, 2014, had carvers working on the
Rocky Knoll plaques and members working on cane blocks for our upcoming
show on April 12. Attendees included Darrell Abston, Sandy Doebert, Ron Feld,
Francis and Judy Larson, Bob Lawrence, Neil Lorenz, Gene Mathes, Bernice &
Gene Ninedorf, Helen Williamson, and Bob Yancey.
On April 5, 2014, a large group of members gathered at Generations to carve a sheep
from two blocks of wood, using golf tees for legs. Betty Wilson brought the cutouts and
detailed instructions. Thank you, Betty, for this project that could be accomplished by
even the less experienced carvers.
On May 10, 2014, a large group of carvers gathered in the
Craft Room at Generations to work on the love spoon project
brought to us by Betty Wilson.
In memory of our good friend and
fellow carver, Bill Olson, who passed
away on May 21, 2014.
Pam Moir sent these photos
taken at the Steve Brown class
held at Lakeland College on
August 11, 12, and 13, 2014.
Bob Yancey led the Saturday carves for both September and
October, 2014. The project was carving and painting Christmas
ornaments. Bob supplied the cutouts to carve the ornaments in
September and then gave detailed instructions for painting during
the October carve. Thanks, Bob!
On October 16, 17, and 18, 2014, a class
on carving a cottonwood bark whimsical
Lakeland College cafeteria. Lee Belanger
from Hortonville taught the class. The
photos shown here were submitted by
Gene Mathes, Ron Feld, and Betty Wilson.
The December, 2014, Saturday carve was held on the 6th at the high
school and Betty once again came up with a very nice project. It was
nice that we were in the school shop since we could use the drill press
and other tools to complete our project. Members attending in addition
to Betty Wilson were Darrell Abston, Sandy Doebert, Ron Feld, Francis &
Judy Larson, Don Lorier, Gene Mathes, Bob Wallace, Helen Williamson,
and Dianna Witt.
On a cold January morning, the first Saturday carve of 2015 was held in the
Craft Room at Generations in Plymouth. Betty Wilson's project of Interlocking
Hearts brought a large group to participate in this project. Thank you, Betty,
for preparing our cutouts and gathering the supplies for us to complete this

Attendees included Darrell Abston, Gerald Bauer, Maureen Bruegger, Sandy
Doebert, Gary Emerich, Ron Feld, Francis Larson, Judy Larson, Larry Lienau,
Jean Miller, Pam Moir, Lynn Peters, Alice Prahl, Betty Wilson, and Dianna Witt.
The February 7, 2015
carve project was a
leprechaun led by
Betty Wilson and was
well attended.
Thanks, Betty.
John Schumann and Gene Mathes led the March 7
Saturday carve. The project was creating a duck using
a golf club.
Members shared carved projects during Show & Tell at the September 2015 meeting. Sy Regan showed a tramp art frame with his poem.
Neil Lorenz completed a dogwood blossom which had been started by past member Don Welti. The hedgehog was the Saturday carve
project. Jim Wilsing came to our meeting to talk about the art of making flutes.
Betty Wilson got this
group together to carve
pumpkins to get in the
spirit of the holiday.
Photo submitted by
Betty Wilson
Members shared their work
during the Show & Tell portion
of our March 2, 2016 meeting
at Generations.