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Members who participated in the May 2019 Show & Tell were Don Lorier
who completed a walking stick that he still wants to give a finish before
giving it to his friend, and Jeff See who showed the sock ornament that
won a ribbon at this year's show. Steve Henze was back from Arizona
and brought two items; a relief carving of a bobcat and a mantle clock
created in butternut. Willie Van Sluys showed the Raggedy Ann doll he
carved for his granddaughter, and Jim Rooker brought the seal carved in
a Rich Wetherbee class. Rose Mohnsam carved a shorebird called a lesser
Photos by Francis Larson and Judy Larson.
At the June 2019 Show & Tell, Mark Eggebeen
showed a bowl. Steve Henze complete a cane
from found wood; the handle curved naturally.
Dave Rowlands finished his walking stick with
two coats of tung oil. Phil Huenink showed a
Santa, a cowboy, and a mantle completed for
his wife. Joann Luke carved a turtle. Sy Regan
showed tramp art and also mentioned his
YouTube video entitled "Woodcarving with Low
Vision or Blind." Linda Graves completed a
piece using kolrosing. Gary Emerson carved a
motorcycle with rider. Jim Rooker took a Denny

Neubauer class and learned how to construct a
gouge. Larry Lienau showed the bowl he made
with a scroll saw. Henry showed the walking
stick in its original form that he will be working
on in the next few weeks.
Photos by Francis Larson
and Judy Larson.
In June 2019, Rich Wetherbee held two classes; a clay sculpting class on June 13 and woodcarving classes on
June 14 and 15.  The sculptures included the weightlifter done by Jim Rooker, a chef completed by Roger Carlson,
a toad and fly sculpted by Pam Moir, and a fish done by Jan Nelson. During the woodcarving classes on Friday
and Saturday, Roger Carlson carved a Santa and a bear. Jim Rooker had a good start but needs to finish his
weightlifter woodcarving. Darrell Abston completed two Santas.  
Photos by Jim Rooker