Kettle Karvers
Serving Woodcarvers in East Central Wisconsin
Member Sy Regan has videos on YouTube that you may
want to check out.
Woodcarving with Low Vision or Blind
Woodcarving with Low Vision or Blind Part 2.  In this
photo, he is shown in his shop among his many carvings.
Photo submitted by Gene Mathes
Neil Lorenz, Jim Rooker, Darrell Abston, and Pam
Moir attended Pete LeClair's caricature carving
class on May 24-27, 2016 in Neenah, WI. The
class was held at St. Mark's Lutheran Church,
140 South Green Bay Road, Neenah, WI. Pete is
a Caricature Carvers of America member from
Massachusetts, and Mid-Wisconsin Chippers
hosted the event.

Thanks to Pam for sending the photos.
Members brought an assortment of items to the October, 2016, Show & Tell.
Henry Meller turns bowls and brought two of them. Rosemary Mohnsam took
a class with Bill Wright at the 1000 Island Nature Center in Kaukauna and
completed the fox and mouse grouping. Richard Young showed two chip
carvings and explained that the wood is coated with poly before carving.
After the chip carving is complete, a darker stain finish can then be applied to
make the design stand out. Helen Williamson completed a relief carving of a
loon in a Stenman class. Joann Luke carved a spoon and completed a fish
push/pull oven stick. Darrell Abston showed the three low relief carvings that
would be the Saturday project for October. Sy Regan brought a walking stick
that he completed a few years ago; the flowers and the stick are all one
piece. Al Herwig's carving was an intertwined ornament. Larry Lienau
showed his Halloween spirit with his intarsia. Jim Rooker attended a Rich
Weatherbee class in Stevens Point and completed two faces using sculpey
Eleven carvers recently spent an enjoyable Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Floyd Rhadigan and his Fantasy
Carvings. The class was held at Lakeland University October 21-23, 2016. Floyd is a talented and generous
instructor. Floyd not only shares his talents but tells wonderful and funny stories as he teaches. The participants
were Darrell Abston, Maureen Bruegger, Sandy Doebert, John Halvorsen (Hurley, WI), Neil Lorenz, Pam Moir,
Jeanine Mullen, Jim & Karen Rooker, Bob Wallace, and Helen Williamson.    
Thanks to Pam for submitting the photos.
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Members who participated in Show & Tell at the
April 2017 meeting showed a variety of carvings. A
frog was carved by Jean Mullen, face by Virginia
Temme, chickadees on a branch and cedar
waxwings on the photo are by Rose Mohnsam,
dragon by Rich Young, mushrooms (etc.) and
chainsawed mushroom by Don Lorier, buffalo by
Dianna Witt, wizard by Pam Moir, angel by Betty
Wilson,  barkhouse and bowl by Larry Lienau,
walking stick by Gene Mathes, and walnut rimmed
bowl by Bob Newton.  
Photos by webmaster.
The members who contributed to Show & Tell at the March 2018 meeting were Bill Buelter (heart and ironwood
cane), Mike Ketz (cane with bird handle and bear in a canoe), Bob Lawrence (Best of Show plate), Larry Lienau
(intarsia), Gene Mathes (cane for Cancer Care raffle), Rosemary Mohnsam (sheep relief carving and robin), Jeff
See (flowers in vase), and Dianna Witt (Santa and comfort bird).    
Photos by webmaster.